debuting in june of 2001, sonic adventure two was the second 3D game in the sonic franchise, coming after the original sonic adventure just two years prior. sonic adventure two featured two different storylines you could take-- hero, and dark. it introduced new characters, concepts and gameplay mechanics. sonic adventure 2 was, and still is, one of the most beloved sonic game to date.

there is so so much i could say about this game. it takes the crown for my number one favorite game of all time EVER! this game is beloved by many sonic fans, but holds an extremly special place in my heart. this game is literal peak in every aspect of the word; the music, the gameplay, the characters, the story. sega could show me the most polished hard worked on new sonic game it would not even come close to the place this game means to me.

i would recommend literally everybody and anyone to play this game, regardless of their skill or intrest in the sonic franchise. it's just fun. a lot of complaints people have are with the scuffed mechanics/movement, but it's really hard to fault a 2001 game which was one of segas first transition to 3D media. besides, it adds to the charm infinetly. i know any and all trivia there is about this game, i've replayed it over and over again, i had my birthday sonic themed, it means the WORLD to me. now, some trivia!!

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